The Baron’s Bastards

After hitting my wall of writer’s block on book two of my Hand of Death series I decided I’d take a stab at doing a serial My main hope is that it will be a good story. Second to that i…

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So… book 2 is kickin my a$$.

Ahhh I hate this. I’ve been trying to get through book two to the point that I’m numb. Not long after I posted the teaser I hit a wall. What I wrote is good, it’s just… I do…

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Teaser for Book 2

Photo post by @HaydenDLinder.

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Fear-ist Christians II: What they can cost us.

Several weeks ago Arkenaten posted a video of Dr. Neil DeGrasse “The E is silent” Tyson, AKA, “Sexy Mo Fo.”

Ark, I couldn’t find the blog post in your archives so if you find it and want to post a link to it and the comments, feel free to do so. I was able to find the link to the video on youtube: Sexy Mo Fo

I recommend you give it a looksee as I loved it. Then again, I could probably listen to the man talk about snails copulating and find the subject interesting. The video is about 10 minutes long and discusses the Golden age of Islam. In the video Dr. Tyson makes the point Islam was the center of learning from 800CE to 1100CE. Around 1100CE a man known as Al-Ghazali stated that math and science are of the devil. Once he did that suddenly the entire Middle East became a backwater pit of knuckle draggers…

Unfortunately this isn’t accurate. Al-Ghazali was the equivalent to a college professor. He had mastered many scientific studies and his criticisms of the sciences, were many, but pertaining to specific points of those disciplines. Dr, Tyson’s argument is that an educated man came out and stated “Ignorance is key!” while ignoring the fact that all of my ancestors, that being the Germans, English and, Lord I am not proud of this next one, the French invaded the region commencing the “Holy Crusades” where we immediately started by killing all of the Coptic Christians in the region and stealing their stuff.

BUT, let us pretend for a moment that Dr. Tyson’s claim was accurate. His conclusion is that religion is destructive and that if we are not careful these Fundamentalist Christians will do to us what the Fundy Muslims did to Islam. There is however an obvious problem with that conclusion. See the time line below:

timeYou see, Muhammad, peace be upon him, founded the religion of Islam around 610CE. Not only did the Golden age spawn from those devout years of Islam, they continued for hundreds of years afterward. Even if Dr. Tyson’s claim that Al-Ghazali killed the sciences is true, it doesn’t prove religion is bad. It proves the worship of fear is bad. They were doing great with religion, even in his scenario.

Now, with all of that criticism on my part please understand, I DO agree with Dr. Tyson. The Fundamentalists have already proven time and again that they are willing to fight to drag us back to the stone age. They claim our country should return to the Christianity it was founded on. Wellllllll most of our founding fathers were actually Masons. And though you will get  any Masons who claim it is a society of Christians and Jews, those are usually the guys who didn’t do the recommended reading. The ones who are focused on the networking side of Masonry. The Masons’ version of God is a little unorthodox and as such they would have been big into things like, oh I don’t know, separation of church and state?

Then there is the whole, you cannot prove evolution thing. My dad told me evolution says nothing more than “the child looks like its father… not necessarily the woman’s husband.”

Oh and my fave!  Intelligent design… yeah.

So yes. I agree with Dr. Tyson. We do need to watch these people. They will hurt our country. BUT. There is hope. Of course to find out what that hope is, you have to join me back here next week for the third installment of this series.:)

God bless.

God speed.

Father, deliver us from your followers.


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Fear-ist Christians.

This is gonna wind up being a triple post before I get all of this outa my system.

I keep coming across things that bother me about “Fundamentalist Christians” and I finally got around to putting pen to thought on this subject. There are a lot of things here that I knew but didn’t know I knew. If that makes sense.

The first one that has irked me for some time now is this belief that the Bible is the “infallible word of God.” For the record, when you use the term “infallible” in the description of anything, that means it IS a god. Infallibility is an attribute of God or gods, whichever one of those covers your belief system. You see, if one of my Wiccan friends says Sekhmet is infallible, I have no problem with that. They worship her so they’re supposed to believe she is infallible. I worship the Hebrew God so I think he is infallible. It makes a simple kind of logic there. But when a “Christian” says the Bible is infallible it’s just juvenile. I mean the very book you are claiming is perfect tells you not to do that. Like, …a lot.

Figuring out that their worship of the Bible was a bad idea was a pretty easy step for me. All I had to do was read a few Atheist posts on WordPress to see hundreds of testimonies from people who had been raised to believe this and of course the moment they find out the book wasn’t perfect, suddenly there was no God. Because if there is a great creator of the universe then of course he would require a book to get the job done. Cell phones didn’t exist back then you know.

Back on track, so the book is literally filled with examples of “God talks to you.” From the beginning of the thing to the end. No where in there does it say God needs anything. But that doesn’t stop them from claiming he does. So it took me a bit to figure something out. I knew  they were idolators but why would they want to be? …Because an idol can be controlled. Oh yeah. Not just by the people at the top but by the day to day worshipers. An idol tells you what you want it to tell you. Need an excuse to enslave the Black man? Use the Bible. Need an excuse to persecute the homosexual? Use the Bible. Need an excuse to persecute the Mexicano who is coming over here to steel your hard earned fruit pickin jobs? Yeah you guessed it.

AND that’s is why all you ever get out of these people is fear and hatred. Because that is what we are at our basest form. Fear kept our ancestors alive during those hard iron age years. Hatred of strangers kept us alive because, “Better the devil you know.” And so of course that is all Fundamentalists have to offer because they do not want what God wants. They do not want to be healthy. They just want to be told they are going to Heaven and all of you are going to Hell. Never mind that their book doesn’t say there is a Hell. It alludes to it. But you’d think something that important might actually get spelled out for you. I mean if my ass were on the line, I’d kinda like God to SAY something to me about it!

Instead what we have are some people who claim to be righteous because that is what they have been told. And trying to get one to actually go and ask their God, that they claim they have so much faith in, is like pulling teeth. Well no. Pulling teeth is easier. They spread hate because that is what they want to do. If you listen to one giving you the “biblical truth” on the subject of homosexuality you would be surprised how much it sounds like a church going Ku Klux Klan member talking about the verses that support what he believes. Eerily similar by the way.

For the record, about 85% of the KKK in the U.S. are church going Christians.

So in summation for this post, To all of my Atheist readers out there, take it easy on the big guy. He didn’t say half the crap these people say he did.

See ya in post 2 next week.

God bless.

God speed.

God riddance.


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Tales from Giapan: Aya-Aiko

Tales from Giapan: Aya-Aiko.

My latest piece of character fiction.

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Fantastic 5!

Fantastic 5!.

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Guest post: Cover Reveal: August’s Gardens by Michelle Barclay

Hi everyone,

Today we are doing a cover reveal for a wonderful author and friend of mine. I do hope you enjoy it.



Cover Reveal: August’s Gardens by Michelle Barclay

It has been three years since Michelle Barclay published her debut novel Morrigan’s Shadows. Readers can return to the same world of horror and fantasy this summer with its sequel August’s Gardens. The cover is ready and the novel is not far behind. Look for it at all major online retailers on August 18, 2015.

 August Reveal Cover


Morrigan is beyond death, trapped in a hellish nightmare from which only the Artist can save her. The Fiend is behind enemy lines learning to reap what he has sown. The Artist reaches deep into his past to find a reason for the strange woman he now must rescue from the vile Dark Man. The Winged Man is forced to wait while all of the elements he needs to start war with hell itself fall into place. Will he fight alone or will his shattered family unite with him?


About the author: 

Michelle Barclay is the author of Morrigan’s Shadows, Rot and the upcoming novel August’s Gardens. She lives on the South Shore in Massachusetts with her husband.


Follow Michelle Barclay on Twitter and Facebook to learn about upcoming giveaways and how you can get a free digital copy of her novella Rot. For author news and very occasional updates, sign up for Michelle’s mailing list.



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Guest post: “Elfrotica” OR “That dancing in the grocery store while buying tacos kind of feeling.”

Today I would like to feature my friend C.B. who is about to publish a very interesting piece of erotica called “Breakers of the Code.” Be WARNED! This is gay elf pron. It’s just gay elf pron done reeeaaaally well.🙂

Breakers of the code - Cover front

1.) What was the spark for you? What made you start to write?

I had a fight with my boyfriend at the time about writing. I wanted to prove him wrong and that you could just ‘start to write’ a book if you had an idea. He desperately wanted to be a writer but never wrote anything. I took up a keyboard (after a rather nasty argument I will admit) and banged out five chapters of a novel just to prove him wrong. So, I guess you could say that I started to write out of spite. (Horrible I know) After the spark though, I couldn’t stop! (And we apologized for the fight later! … a few years later… we kind of broke up after that fight. He likes the book though!)

2.) What is the hardest part of the writing process for you?

That hardest part (giggle) of writing for me would be editing. I know how important it is to the finished product, but I would much rather write new material than edit.

3.) How about the easiest? What part of being a writer do you excel at?

I absolutely love foreshadowing. I have secret foreshadowing in my stories as early as the first paragraph. it makes re-reading them fun for those that are in the know!

4.) What feelings do you have upon seeing your project published?

It isn’t published as of yet, it will be before the end of June. When I got the proofing copies in the mail though I was so excited that I danced around the grocery store while everyone gave me funny looks, buying the ingredients for making tacos. I would assume the feeling when the actual published books arrive will be similar. A dancing in the grocery store while buying tacos kind of feeling.

5.) Tell us a little about your main character. What makes them unique?

Have you seen the cover? That is some poppin’ elf booty! What really makes Anders special though (even though his booty is a major plot point) is how positively precious he is. He is the main protagonist in an ‘Elfrotica’ novel, gets into all sorts of sexy mischief, and bangs his way to the climax, but is still to embarrassed about it to even say ‘naughty words’!

6.) How did you come up with the genre title “Elfrotica?”

In one session of my writer’s group one of my writer friends suggested the term. I fell in love instantly. I really wish I could claim the creation of that word because it describes my writing perfectly, but I have permission to use it.

7.) What made you decide to write in this genre?

When I started to spite-write I had a few different ideas for a book series. There was a well planned out idea I had years ago with many characters, a government, and an entire story! I had a few scraps of ideas with a few characters and a general idea for a plot. Naturally though, I abandoned those completely and started to write a book based on a list I had written the day before about the most interesting monsters to bang… I was in a strange mood at the time.

8.) Is there a message you would like to convey with this story?

Sex doesn’t have to be stuffy. Writing doesn’t have to be normal. Just write what you want, what you feel, what is interesting! If you want to mix a fantasy book, with a gay erotica book, and a joke book, and a video game there is nothing stopping you! Well, except me. That is my shtick, try mixing your own things up!

9.) What authors do you feel inspire/inspired you to write?

This is a hard question. I honestly don’t know a lot of their names. When I was really young I read a lot of Dragonlance books and other series like that. It was the series, not the author that I remember. They were all in the same world and it was amazing!

Further, I enjoy things such as Dungeons & Dragons, and video games. Those tend to be written by teams of people, not a single person. I find that the worlds created are what inspired me to create my own unique one!

10.) “What advice would you give aspiring authors?

Stop starting tomorrow! If you wish to do something, then do it!


Be sure to check out C.B.’s page at

Here is the book blurb

A virtual world perverted.

An ancient threat ignored.

A spunky elf pantsless.

Industry giant Tornado Tech Games has just released their latest masterpiece, the massively multi-player online role playing game Annals of Gentalia. Anders, the plucky elf Night Ranger is pumped to explore its most secret depths.

But things are not always how they seem in the virtual world. When the elf accidentally breaks into the hidden code of the game, his play experience is forever altered. Everyone has to adapt to a game world where the once normal monsters are now charged with sexual energy. Anders ends up setting off on an epic journey to save his own ass.

As the world quickly plummets into chaos around him, a vital question lingers. What kind of video game would willingly release a horde of sex crazed monsters into the world? More importantly to Anders, where can an elf get some pants around here!?

White Wolf Kick

(Warning: Contains graphic m/m content and vigorous monster banging)


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Guest Post: Book – “Angelic Business 1. Pink Matters”

Book: The Hand of Death series

Hi everyone,

So I thought it would be a nice change of pace if I let a friend post something for once. Olga is wonderful person and has created an interesting series of YA books that she is currently running in a blog tour. And from here I think I will let her take over. Thanks.

Hi all:

First of all thank you very much for taking part in my Blog Tour for Angelic Business 1. Pink Matters. Reader, don’t worry, I’m not here forever, just twisting the arm of your favourite blogger and borrowing a bit of space.

Author Olga Núñez Miret Author Olga Núñez Miret

My name is Olga Núñez Miret and I’m a writer, translator, reader, psychiatrist, I love movies, plays, fitness, owls and recently have taken up meditation (mindfulness). (I thought I might as well summarise and not take too much of your time). I’ll leave you some links…

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